We ship all of our items worldwide from Tokyo, Japan.

Every order is tracked and requires an ID to be shown and signature upon delivery

Once your item has been shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking information attached.

We record the entire packing and posting process on every item shipped for insurance purposes.

All items will be sent via DHL express.

We ask that you please check your address is up to date before purchasing.

If it has been over the estimated time and the item hasn’t arrived please contact us.

Import charges (should they occur) upon delivery to your country are the responsibility of the buyer and the information on your countries specific import laws will be your responsibility to research.

Please note if your item is rejected/nondelivery/sent back to us you will be responsible to pay the redelivery fee to you.

Shipping Estimates

Please allow up to 72hours for processing, once your item has shipped you will receive a shipping confirmation with tracking information.

Please note shipping time frames are estimate only. Please contact us if your delivery is taking longer than average estimated time 

 LOCATION                                     SERVICE                                 TIME FRAME

Oceania                                                                      Express                                                              4-7 business days


Asia                                                                              Express                                                              3-5 business days


North America                                                       Express                                                               4-7 business days


Middle East                                                          Express                                                               7-10 business days


Europe                                                                       Express                                                               5-8 business days


Africa                                                                          Express                                                               5-10 business days


South America                                                         Express                                                              4-9 business days